A storm has begun to rage . . . .

When I looked a while later, I saw that Liam’s hips and buttocks were red and deeply scratched. As I sat astride him applying the healing potion, he looked up at me, already aroused, his mouth twisted in his characteristic ironic smile. “Storm Maker. Is tú mo stoirme.”

“And you are mine, Liam. Let it rage. Let it come.”

Storm Maker is now available @


Erin O’Quinn is a new voice in the community of romance writers. I speak of her in the third person, since she is a pen name, but I probably should embrace her and forthrightly proclaim her novels.

Starting on April 17 and running through June, readers will find a trilogy in a universe called The Dawn of Ireland, published under the name Erin O’Quinn.

The Dawn series centers on the time in the 430′s AD when then-Father Patrick had just arrived in Ireland (Éire) and had begun his ministry in the area called Armagh, near the huge lake called the Lough Neagh. Into this “universe” sails Caylith Vilton and her 300 pilgrims from Britannia and beyond, fleeing from crumbling beliefs in magic and the very real crumbling of the Roman Empire.

The titles and approximate release dates are as follows:

Storm Maker – April 17
The Wakening Fire – May 15
Captive Heart – June 12

A fourth novel, Fire & Silk, is set for a July release date. This one centers not on Caylith but on her husband’s kinsman Flann O’Connell and his attraction for a beautiful but virginal woman.

All four of these novels are traditional M/F (male/female) romances. But, just to be a little different, I have put an emphasis on the history and language of ancient Ireland (Éire) rather than on juicy sex scenes. Oh, yes, there are those too. But I am aiming for more; and I hope some of you will enjoy what I have to say.

To be even more different, I have set a few steamy manlove novels in these same “dark ages” of the fifth century, in the same Dawn of Ireland universe. Look for two M/M novels in a series called The Iron Warrior. The first, titled Warrior, Ride Hard, will debut in late summer. The sequel, Warrior, Stand Tall, is due to come out some time in September. The third, tentatively titled Warrior, Come Again, is now in the throes of composition.

Slán for now …Wish me the luck o’ the Irish … Erin


5 thoughts on “A storm has begun to rage . . . .

  1. How sweet of you to comment, Jan! The artist, Jinger Heaston, really captured the essence of Caylith in all her naivete combined with sensuous curiosity, and even the hint of danger that threads through the book.

  2. Slán leat, Erin!

    Third time lucky – WordPress not recognising my password, had to change it!

    Thoroughly approve of your decision to include the occasional Gaelic phrase in your dialogue! As a dself-styled “wordsmith” I can’t see a problem with ‘educating’ the Gentle Reader while telling a good tale!
    I did something similar in my own debut novel, which is coming out later this year. Not strictly a “Romance” genre book (although I’ve included a fair amount of romance).
    Best of luck with your series of books – I shall look for them in bookshops here in the UK!

    I decided to do the same myself

  3. Tráchnóna, Paul! I’m so delighted you followed my blog from the chat rioom and that you had the perseverence to go thru 3 repeats of this stupid spam filter. In the next novel, The Wakening Fire, the lovers really get into the Gaelige since they have only the language of love to communicate with. She learns some prettty interesting phrases (try póg mé, which is not the same as “kiss me,” as you probably know). Of course I agree with you–why not try to educate our readers? It is, after all, another form of delighting them.

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