The fire today!

The Wakening Fire is available right now at the publisher’s site,  (buy link)

Installment Two:  Caylith and Liam begin to experiment not just with the new language they share, but also the new state of marriage. Liam drinks too  much barley beer, opening a  new vista for Caylith who begins to understand  that her husband is deeply desirous of even more than she has been giving him.

Today, as always, Liam felt himself to be the hunter, and I the hunted. I was the deer to his swift arrow. Seeming to ignore his passion, I saw it clearly—the arrow flying to its mark. At that split second my weak defense became a steel barrier, and the arrow shot straight up, for my own weapon guided his skyward. Then my bata was resting lightly on the crown of his head. Captured! Who is the hunter, O Liam, and who the hunted?

At that instant, Liam and I reached out to each other, our eyes riveted on each other. Our mouths began to bite and lick and kiss with an untamable intensity. He gathered me up in his arms, strode to our house, and roughly pushed the door open. He turned and closed it with one foot, his mouth traveling all over my face and shoulders, and then he swiftly moved to the bed. He did not lay me down but stood me up on the floor beside the bed.

He pulled down his bríste, stepping out of them as though shedding an old skin. He stood before me with an erection so swollen that my knees turned to water. Still he said nothing, reaching out to my shoulders and pulling the deerskin down almost to my nipples.

“Say it, Cat.” His voice was thick with passion.

I stood before him with my entire body humming and alive, craving his mouth, craving his groin. “I am hungry for you,” I said. I could hardly talk.

He pulled the tunic down to my waist in one sudden movement, and he seized one breast. He took almost the entire breast into his mouth and then noisily, slowly came off it, lingering on the nipple. Then he seized the other breast and did the same, all the while I was crying out and moaning loudly.

“Eat you,” he said with a gruffness that almost frightened me. He picked me up and stood me on the elevated bed. His hands at my waist, he pulled the deerskin down to my ankles and leaned into me, both hands on my butt.

2 thoughts on “The fire today!

  1. Hi, Paula. Thanks for the compliment. Caylith and Liam really love each other, and their attraction is genuine and long-lasting. I hope that the readers will be able to see that, because in the next book, their relationship is tested for the first time.

    I really appreciate your stopping by. As the site gets stronger, I will want you as a guest. I’m especially interested (as you know) in Cumbria, the setting for your lovely FRAGRANCE OF VIOLETS.

    I wish you explosive success with CHANGING THE FUTURE.

    Slán, Erin


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